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Are You Ready For Weight Loss Surgery? - The Lap Band Center

Are You Ready For Weight Loss Surgery?

The key to successful weight loss surgery is to have realistic expectations. These can only be realized with proper planning before you decide to get the procedure done. Before making the ultimate decision, your doctor will give you a full examination to assess your physical health. Physical health is not the only requirement to get […]


3 Important Self-Care Tips after Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery is a significant procedure that takes time from which to recuperate. You can prepare for your upcoming recovery now by knowing what self-care tips to follow after you are released from the hospital. Establish a Good Support System If possible, you should avoid going through the recovery process alone. Chances are that […]


Nutrition for Intense Exercise After Surgery

One of the many benefits of weight loss surgery is the ability to get back to forms of exercise you used to enjoy for fun or competitively before excess weight became a problem. How soon you’ll be able to do this will depend on the specific procedure you had and how well you heal and […]


Smooth Recovery After Weight Loss Surgery

After weight loss surgery, your life changes in a drastic manner. There is usually a diet to follow before surgery, but the foods that you consume once you get home are typically of the liquid variety for at least the first few weeks. For your recovery to be beneficial to your body, there are a […]


3 Important Reasons to Consider Weight Loss Surgery

Obesity is a common and restrictive nationwide problem for too many people. Choosing to live with it should not be an option. Exercise and dieting may not solve the obesity epidemic for everyone due to poor heredity or other serious issues. These are a few reasons to think about having weight loss surgery. Raise Self-Esteem […]


Buying Women’s Clothes After Lap-Band

Laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding, more commonly known as the “lap band,” is a type of bariatric surgery done to help the patient lose weight. It is generally recommended for people with a BMI of at least 40, or a BMI of at least 35 and an obesity-related condition like diabetes. A person in this condition […]


Avoiding Dumping Syndrome After Surgery

Dumping syndrome is a sensation that can occur after weight loss surgery, and there are things that you can do to reduce your risk of developing these symptoms. Dumping syndrome occurs when food moves so quickly from the small stomach pouch to the small intestine that it gets “dumped” without proper digestion. This is divided […]


Easing into Physical Activity

After you’ve recovered from Lap-Band surgery, you’ll be expected to adopt a physical activity routine that’s specific to your capabilities. It’s beneficial because it will help you burn calories and increase your odds of seeing positive results with your procedure. Regular exercise also produces hormones called endorphins that improve your mood and stimulate collagen production […]


Your Nutritional Goals Before Lap-Band Surgery

The Lap-Band®, or Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Band, is a surgical procedure that restricts the stomach’s capacity. It is an effective procedure for treating obesity, and it is gaining in popularity in the United States. There are multiple considerations that must be observed, which include behavioral, dietary, and lifestyle changes. A patient must adopt these changes […]


3 Exercise Options After Lap-Band

Maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle is without a doubt a key to maintaining a high quality of life. Moreover, making sure to get adequate amounts of exercise is a key to maintaining an active lifestyle. That said, there are many people that would no-doubt like to exercise more, but whose circumstances give them pause for […]

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