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Stocking Your Kitchen for After Surgery

Lap band surgery can be the gateway to a new life of healthy, nutritious eating habits and an energized, mobile body. It does, however, require adjustment. When you first go home after the surgery, your diet will be very restricted, and you should have your kitchen stocked in preparation. Liquid Diet For the first few […]


5 Lap-Band Myths

Although the Lap-Band® has been used by bariatric surgeons for more than a decade as a tool for severe obesity, there are still a number of myths surrounding the procedure. The following separates fact from fiction regarding some of the most common misconceptions. Myth: Gastric band surgery is a quick fix. Lap-Band® surgery is an […]

When is Lap-Band Medically Necessary - The Lap-Band Center.jpg

When is Lap-Band Medically Necessary?

For some patients, losing a lot of weight would be a tremendous boast to their health, and, for those people, lap-band surgery may be an ideal solution. Lap-band surgery, or laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding surgery, is a procedure that creates a smaller stomach pouch with an implanted, adjustable band around the stomach. This reduced stomach […]


Options for Lap-Band Revision

Lap band surgery takes place when a surgeon inserts a band with a balloon that can inflate around the top of the stomach. Sometimes, the lap band is ineffective. If a person does not lose weight or there is a complication, the band must be removed. These complications can include band erosion, band intolerance, difficulty […]


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