Gastric Sleeve Benefits


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Gastric sleeve surgery is a type of bariatric procedure that changes the overall size of your stomach. The doctor will essentially create a pocket or a tube within your stomach that drastically reduces the amount of food that your stomach can hold.

  • The less calories that you consume every day, the more weight you can lose
  • Surgeons designed this procedure for adults and those suffering from medical conditions caused by their excess weight, including heart disease and diabetes

Reduced Risk of Medical Problems

Gastric-Sleeve-Benefits-The-Lap-Band-Center-2One of the biggest benefits of gastric sleeve surgery is that the procedure can reduce your risk of developing certain medical problems and complications in the future. According to the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery, Inc., 85% of those with diabetes can better manage and treat their diabetes after undergoing this procedure. The organization also points to a study that found more than 70% of diabetic patients saw the disease go into remission. Type II diabetes is the type often caused by leading a sedentary lifestyle and being overweight or obese. Those who lose a significant amount of weight after the surgery have a greater chance to the disease going into remission. Gastric sleeve surgery can reduce your risk of developing other health conditions and problems as well, including heart disease, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol in some patients.

Faster Recovery Times

Gastric-Sleeve-Benefits-The-Lap-Band-Center-3The recovery times associated with other weight loss surgeries can leave you in the hospital for days and recuperating at home for weeks or more. With other surgeries, doctors will actually make a large incision in a patient’s stomach. Doctors and nurses will need to keep an eye on the patient for 24 hours or longer to ensure the incision heals properly before the patient can go home. Gastric sleeve surgery is a type of laparoscopic surgery that allows doctors to make smaller incisions and use smaller tools. The doctor will typically make an incision in your belly button and in three or four other spots around your stomach. He or she uses a camera inside your stomach to keep an eye on the procedure. Most patients are healthy enough to go home the day after the procedure or the same day as the procedure. You’ll also find that your recovery time at home is much shorter too. However, recovery varies from one patient to the next and only your doctor can tell you what to expect.

Faster Weight Loss

Patients who have gastric sleeve surgery can lose more weight faster than those who went through similar procedures. According to Obesity Action, the total amount of weight that patients lose depends on where they fall on the Body Mass Index scale. Those with a higher BMI can lose up to 50% of the extra weight they carry around on their frames within just two years, which helps them fall back to a healthier range on that index. Obesity Action also claims that those with a lower BMI may lose up to 80% of the weight they want to lose within a period of three years. The site also found that these patients have a better chance of keeping off the weight too. As the sleeve that the surgeon creates inside your stomach is permanent, you fill find yourself consuming fewer calories because you cannot eat more than ½ cup to one cup of food at a time.

Appetite Suppression


The human body produces a hormone called ghrelin that causes you to feel hungry. Obese and overweight individuals typically produce more of this hormone than those who fall within a healthy weight range do. As your body increases its production of this hormone, you’ll find yourself feeling hungry and wanting to eat more. Some patients may even find that they do not feel any changes in their appetites after eating. Gastric sleeve surgery reduces the size of the stomach and also reduces the stomach’s ability to produce this hormone. As your body learns how to better regulate its hormone production, you may notice that you no longer feel as hungry as you did before the procedure. The combination of stomach size and appetite suppression helps you lose more weight, which is one of many gastric sleeve benefits.

Fewer Changes to Your Body

Gastric-Sleeve-Benefits-The-Lap-Band-Center-5A popular type of stomach surgery used in the past led to an issue called dumping syndrome. As food stayed in the stomach for less time and quickly moved through the digestive system, patients found themselves needed to evacuate their bowels not long after eating. Dumping syndrome disrupted their lives and made it hard for them to work outside of their homes. Gastric sleeve surgery does not lead to dumping syndrome and will cause minimal changes to your body and your life. While other procedures require that you follow a strict diet that does not include fat, sugar. or alcohol, this type of surgery lets you keep eating many of your favorite foods. You can eat things that you previously enjoyed, but as your stomach is much smaller, you’ll eat less and still lose weight.

Learn more benefits and advantages of the procedure with a gastric sleeve surgery consultation. To fully understand your gastric sleeve benefits, Dr. Naim will go over your medical history, weight, and current health issues. From there, he can give you a realistic idea of what you can expect from the procedure and how it could benefit you.

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