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Training That Lap Band Surgeons Receive

Before a doctor can perform a Lap Band surgery, he or she must undergo a teaching and training period. The training course for performing Lap Band surgery helps your doctor to learn the technical aspects of placing the band. Surgeons also learn about how to educate patients about the procedure, including providing before and after counseling. The doctors are also taught how to determine whether or not a patient is a candidate for Lap Band surgery.

The training program also includes continuing education so that Lap Band surgeons can keep up-to-date with new information in the field of weight loss surgery. Until a doctor has performed 20 Lap Band procedures, he or she will work with a more experienced doctor. This helps to ensure that your doctor has the experience necessary for a successful Lap Band surgery.

What to Expect from Your Lap Band Surgeon

Lap-Band-Surgeon-The-Lap-Band-Center-2When you first meet with your Lap Band surgeon, you can expect to learn about the doctor’s qualifications. You will also learn many details about how the Lap Band surgery works. The doctor will talk about your procedure specifically. Every patient is different, which is why your doctor will give you the details about how your surgery will work. The surgeon will tell you if you are a candidate for a laparoscopic procedure or if your medical history and health will necessitate an open abdominal surgery.

You can also expect your Lap Band surgeon to ask you a lot of questions during your initial consultation. The doctor may ask you about your medical history and your family history to find out if you have an eating disorder or any genetic factors that could impact your ability to lose weight. The surgeon will also ask you about what other methods of weight loss you have tried. You may also be asked about your lifestyle and habits, such as whether you are a smoker, if you have ever had a bad reaction to anesthesia, and if you have any chronic medical conditions that affect your body’s ability to heal and recover after surgery. It is important to give your doctor as much information as possible. Your doctor will use the information that you provide to give you the best possible outcome for your Lap Band surgery.

Good Questions to Ask Your Lap Band Surgeon

As your Lap Band surgeon asks you questions, you may have many questions of your own for the doctor. You may want to bring a list of questions with you to your appointments. If you have any questions that pop into your head during the appointment, be sure to ask the doctor. Some good questions to ask your doctor include how many Lap Band surgeries he or she has performed and what the average amount of weight loss has been for each patient. You might also want to know the answers to questions such as:


  • How long will I be in the hospital after my procedure?
  • How much food will I be able to eat after the Lap Band surgery?
  • What is the typical recovery time for the Lap Band surgery?
  • Am I a candidate for laparoscopic Lap Band surgery?
  • When will I be able to start including physical activity in my daily routines?
  • How can I learn about healthy food choices?
  • What foods should I eat in order to avoid vitamin deficiencies?
  • How much weight could I lose?
  • Can the Lap Band be adjusted?
  • Is this procedure reversible?

Lap-Band-Surgeon-The-Lap-Band-Center-4By asking these questions and having conversations with your doctor, you will have a better idea of what you can expect.

Getting Advice from Your Lap Band Surgeon

Your Lap Band surgeon is specially qualified to perform this procedure and educate you about it. It is important that you follow the advice that your Lap Band surgeon gives to you. Before your surgery, your doctor may give you instructions about quitting smoking, stopping certain medications, and finding someone to help you at home after your procedure. After your surgery, the doctor will give you very specific advice about the types of drinks and foods you can have and how much of them you can consume. It is important to follow this advice so that you do not become sick or experience any unnecessary pain. The doctor will also advise you about how much and what types of physical activities you can do. If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact the doctor’s office. Patient health and well-being are our top priority and we will answer your questions promptly.

Lap-Band-Surgeon-The-Lap-Band-Center-5It is very important to follow all of the instructions provided to you by your doctor before and after your surgery. These instructions are designed to help you minimize complications and also see the best possible results.

Follow-up Visits After the Lap Band Procedure

Lap Band surgeons provide you with attentive follow-up after your procedure. Your doctor will visit you in the hospital several times to check on your healing before you go home. After you are discharged from the hospital, you will visit the office frequently to check your incision sites and to monitor your weight, blood pressure, and blood sugar. You will also have your vitamin and mineral levels checked. The doctor will ask you about any pain you have and any digestive problems that you are experiencing since having the Lap Band surgery.

To learn more about the Lap Band procedure and to schedule a free consultation with the best Lap Band surgeon in the southern California area, contact our office today. We are happy to answer any questions you might have about this and other weight loss procedures. Take the first step toward a new, healthy you today.