4 Steps for Continuing Weight Loss

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Whether you’re five pounds overweight or upwards of 100, losing weight isn’t quite as difficult as it might appear at first glance. The most difficult aspect of losing weight is turning exercise or eating healthy foods into a habit that you do everyday without even giving it another thought. While there are many ways for you to lose weight, the following provides a close look at four basic steps to follow after your surgery.

1. Set Weight Loss Goals That Are Realistic

When you’re trying to lose weight, setting goals will provide you with a structured plan that should keep you focused while trying to lose weight. The goals that you set should be realistic. By setting unrealistic goals, you set yourself up for failure if you become discouraged after missing a goal. The goals that you set should be short-term. For instance, you could set a goal of losing three pounds in two weeks. By reaching these simple goals early in the weight loss process, you’ll increase the chances of long-term success.

2. Manage Your Portion Sizes to Keep Calories Low

It’s very easy to eat too much food in one sitting. Whether you’re dining out at an upscale restaurant or are going to a party, you might not realize how much calories you’re consuming unless you focus on keeping your portion sizes small. Eating smaller portions should help you avoid eating too much. Calorie counting is an effective way of lessening your daily calorie consumption.

3. Make Healthy Food Choices

Eating a healthy diet doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to get rid of all of the foods you enjoy. However, it does mean that you should reduce your intake of unhealthy foods and replace them with foods and beverages that will keep you healthy. For one, make sure that you lessen the amount of sugars and starches you consume. Your diet should be mainly comprised of protein, low-carb vegetables, and healthy fats, which include olive oil and butter.

4. Exercise On a Regular Basis

Exercising on a regular basis will allow you to lose calories, which will eventually cause you to lose weight. When regular exercise is combined with eating a healthy diet, you should be able to lose weight in no time. It’s recommended that you have around 160 minutes of moderate exercise each week.