Are You Ready For Weight Loss Surgery?

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Are You Ready For Weight Loss Surgery? - The Lap Band Center
The key to successful weight loss surgery is to have realistic expectations. These can only be realized with proper planning before you decide to get the procedure done. Before making the ultimate decision, your doctor will give you a full examination to assess your physical health. Physical health is not the only requirement to get approval for the surgery. Your doctors are going to want to make sure your mental state is prepared for such an important elected procedure. To help prepare, below are some tips to ensure you are ready for weight loss surgery.

Set Realistic Expectations 

It is important to note you won’t wake up automatically thin after having weight loss surgery. It is simply a tool to get you started on the path to a healthier life. It is expected that you will lose at least half of your excess weight in the first six months following the procedure. To reach your ultimate weight loss goal, you will need to maintain the program your doctor suggests for the next year or two. Having a clear idea of the process beforehand will help you stay on track and be successful.

Get Support 

Before considering weight loss surgery, it is crucial to have a support system in place. Going through something as serious as bariatric surgery alone can be detrimental to your goals. You should find friends and family members who will help you remain motivated throughout the process. This is especially true right after the procedure. You will need help with your drains and bandages in the beginning.

Confront Your Addiction 

Having weight loss surgery is not going to make your addiction to food disappear. If you are serious about long-term success, it is crucial to get therapy for your food addictions. Many doctors will suggest you get addiction counseling before you have your surgery. Daily stress and responsibilities will still make it difficult to stay away from your addictions following the procedure. Learning how to manage the way you view food is important for successful weight loss.

Be Aware Of Risks 

No surgery is without risks. It is important to fully understand the possible risks and side-effects that could result from the weight loss surgery. Some common risks of bariatric surgery are blood clots and infections. This is why your doctor will fully examine your health to ensure you are physically healthy for the surgery.