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What Is a Bariatric Surgeon?

Bariatric-Surgeon-The-Lap-Band-Center-2A bariatric surgeon is a doctor who has taken advanced medical training in surgery and who has been educated and experienced with weight loss surgeries. Your bariatric surgeon is specially trained in order to help you with weight loss. When other methods of weight loss such as dieting, using diet pills, and drinking diet shakes have failed, a weight loss doctor may be able to help you with medical procedures designed to reduce your caloric intake so that you can lose excess weight. Many bariatric surgeons work in a clinic setting along with a team of other doctors and medical professionals who are familiar with the struggles of weight loss, and have the experience and education to assist you in achieving your weight loss goals. Your doctor may split his or her time between the hospital where surgeries are performed. In the center, the doctor will do consultations and follow-up care for weight loss surgery patients.

What Does a Bariatric Surgeon Do?

Bariatric-Surgeon-The-Lap-Band-Center-3Bariatric surgeons may perform a variety of weight loss surgeries, such as gastric bypass and Lap-Band, or they may stick with just one type of weight loss surgery. Dr. Naim performs a wide range of bariatric surgeries in order to best meet the needs of his patients.

In addition to performing the surgery, your bariatric surgeon may also make adjustments if you had a previous Lap-Band or adjustable band procedure. The doctor also meets with you regularly in order to monitor your progress. Your doctor will make sure that you are getting your nutritional needs met. This is important because many people who have had a weight loss surgery need to take vitamin or mineral supplements in order to avoid a vitamin deficiency. Vitamin deficiencies may develop because you are eating less food as a result of the surgery. The doctor will also monitor your health by keeping track of your blood sugar and A1C levels. Many patients who have diabetes find that the weight loss surgery and subsequent loss of excess weight helps them to better manage their diabetes. Your bariatric surgeon will also make sure that the staples or bands used during your surgical procedure are staying in place within your body and are not causing any problems.

The Types of Training That a Bariatric Surgeon Has

Bariatric-Surgeon-The-Lap-Band-Center-4A bariatric surgeon has a medical degree with a residency in surgical care. Proprietary weight loss products such as the Lap-Band require that your doctor participates in the manufacturer’s training classes. The doctor will attend an introductory course and learn about the product and procedure. Most doctors will spend some time assisting another bariatric surgeon on several procedures. After this time, the doctor will have enough experience to begin doing weight loss surgeries as the lead surgeon. Most bariatric doctors participate in ongoing training and education, including Dr. Naim. Your doctor does this in order to provide you with up-to-date medical care and information. Bariatric doctors also learn a great deal about nutrition and exercise so that they can help you to make lifestyle changes and choices that are conducive to weight loss.

Questions to Ask Your Bariatric Surgeon

Your bariatric surgeon is focused on your health and well-being. It is important that you ask any questions that you have about your weight loss surgery. Asking your bariatric surgeon questions can help you to be prepared for your surgery and the loss of your excess weight. You can bring along a list of your questions during your appointments. If you think of a question between your visits, you can give us a call at any time. We care about you and your health and strive to respond to your questions as quickly as possible. No question is too simple. You should not feel embarrassed about any question that comes to mind. You will be treated with respect and given a complete and honest answer to every question that you ask your bariatric surgeon.

How Our Bariatric Surgeon Can Help You With Your Weight Loss Goals

Bariatric-Surgeon-The-Lap-Band-Center-5There are many ways in which our bariatric surgeon can help you with your weight loss goals. The first step is the weight loss surgery. After your surgery is completed, you will have regular follow-up visits with your doctor. These visits are important because they give your doctor the opportunity to monitor your weight loss and progress toward a healthy body weight. If your weight loss is slower than expected, the doctor will work with you to figure out why. For example, if you had a Lap-Band surgery, the doctor could adjust the band so that your stomach pouch is smaller.

Your doctor can also work with you to help you make healthier food choices. Another way that the physician can help you with weight loss is to create a physical activity regimen. If you are new to exercising, your first week or two of activity might be something simple, like walking at a moderate pace for 15 minutes at a time, once or twice each day. Your doctor can also connect you with other professionals such as counselors, dieticians, and nutritionists who can work together with you to help you advance in your goal to reach and maintain a healthy body weight. Since weight loss procedures require strict diets and efforts following the actual procedure, the follow up care of your surgeon is a very important step

The services of a top bariatric surgeon are invaluable when it comes to achieving weight loss and developing a new and healthy lifestyle. To schedule a consultation with a top surgeon who performs a host of weight loss surgical procedures, contact us today. We can help you get started with next steps, as well as answer any questions you may have.