Smooth Recovery After Weight Loss Surgery

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After weight loss surgery, your life changes in a drastic manner. There is usually a diet to follow before surgery, but the foods that you consume once you get home are typically of the liquid variety for at least the first few weeks. For your recovery to be beneficial to your body, there are a few tips that you can follow in the first few days.

Move Around

Walking is beneficial for the muscles and the cardiovascular system. It’s also an essential component of your recovery after weight loss surgery. If you don’t move around, then there is a possibility that a blood clot could form. A blood clot can quickly travel through the body and reach the lungs, resulting in death in a short time if it’s not treated. There will be pain, but if you push through it, then the recovery process can be much easier and often shorter. Moving around also gives you something to do instead of sitting or being in your bed all day.

Follow The Diet

Your doctor will give you a strict diet to follow. It’s vital that you avoid the foods that are on the list and only eat those that are recommended. Once your body adjusts to the new diet, then it will be easier to eat less during the day. Don’t overeat because you’ll likely stretch your stomach. The first few weeks will usually consist of fluids. Soft foods are next. When you are allowed to eat solid foods again, avoid eating carbohydrates and junk food. Eat as much protein as possible so that your muscles have fuel and so that your body has the energy to get through the day. Don’t drink sodas, because the carbonation can take up space in the stomach that could be used for essential vitamins and nutrients from foods.

Find Support

Losing weight, even with the assistance of weight loss surgery, can be hard for many people. Find a support group in your area of people who have had the same kind of surgery. Talk to your family and friends, letting them know about your decision so that they can provide additional support. There are often groups for specific areas of weight loss surgery, such as holiday support and even how to handle sexual relationships after losing your weight after surgery.