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Stocking Your Kitchen for After Surgery

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Lap band surgery can be the gateway to a new life of healthy, nutritious eating habits and an energized, mobile body. It does, however, require adjustment. When you first go home after the surgery, your diet will be very restricted, and you should have your kitchen stocked in preparation.

Liquid Diet

For the first few days after your lap band procedure, you will only be able to consume liquids. Each meal should be two to four ounces of things like clear broth, diluted juice and strained cream soups. Meal replacement drinks can also be enjoyed and skim milk with added protein powder. Remember that you need to maximize nutrition intake, so sugary drinks are out.

It is a good idea to get a couple of sample diets before your surgery. This will give you time to choose the dietary items that you prefer and to buy an adequate supply.

Pureed Diet

After the liquid diet phase, you will transition to pureed foods. This phase lasts two or three weeks. Everything consumed should be no thicker than baby food. Foods like cream of wheat and applesauce are great, and you should also stock foods that you can puree yourself. Canned meats and fruits can be stocked in advance, with perishables like bananas, carrots, and eggs added when you get home. Remember that you can continue to enjoy the liquids from the first phase.

As you transition from a liquid to a pureed diet, you may find that some foods cause heartburn or even vomiting. You should try only small amounts of one new food at a time and chew it thoroughly. This will allow you to determine which foods you need to avoid.


Be sure to have a stock on hand of the recommended supplements. Most people will need multivitamins, calcium, and vitamin B12. These supplements must be crushed or broken into very small pieces before you take them.


Do not forget to have the kitchen implements available that you will need to prepare your diet in these early phases. You will want a sieve to strain lumps and fibrous material from liquids and purees. You will also need a strong blender to puree fruits, vegetables, and meats. Tablespoons and measuring cups marked in ounces are also vital for keeping track of your intake.

Preparing your kitchen before your lap band procedure will make your homecoming less stressful and give your body what it needs to heal.