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Stay Free of Complications After Lap-Band

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The Lap-Band surgery is a proven safe and effective method of jump-starting weight loss. Our bariatric surgeons take the time to ensure that every patient has the best possible chances at losing excess weight. These tips will help to ensure that you have the desired outcome immediately after surgery and throughout your weight loss journey.

Following Pre-Surgery Guidance

Before your Lap-Band surgery, our bariatric surgeons will provide you with detailed instructions. You may need to make a few lifestyle and behavior changes several weeks before your surgery. For example, you may need to abstain from smoking for several weeks before the surgery. This allows your body the opportunity to heal. You might also need to stop taking certain types of medications, such as blood thinners. Your pre-surgery guidance from our doctors may also include instructions on making some dietary changes. You may be asked to maintain a food journal or to start slowly decreasing your portion sizes or increasing your fruit intake to get used to eating smaller amounts of food. Our bariatric surgeons might also instruct you to start taking certain vitamin supplements, such as calcium or vitamin D.


Immediately after your Lap-Band surgery, our bariatric surgeons may instruct you to adhere to a rest period. Resting helps your body to heal. Rest also helps your digestive system to get used to the changes from the Lap-Band. It is important that you follow the activity limitations set by our bariatric doctors.

Diet Changes

Once our bariatric surgeons give you the okay, you will be able to start following your customized diet plan. For a day or two after the Lap-Band surgery, you will only have fluids. You will then transition to a soft foods diet consisting of small portions of food. Your diet will also require that you drink water or milk separately from your meals. Following this diet as prescribed helps to minimize any possible complications such as getting full too fast because of drinking water with your meal.


After your period of rest following Lap-Band surgery, it is important that you begin an exercise routine. Even just a few minutes of walking per day and gradually increasing the time and intensity of your exercise will help your surgery and recovery to go as smoothly as possible. Exercise promotes healthy digestion, builds bone mass and helps your abdominal muscles to recover from the incisions.